Hiromichi Sakamoto solo / Kato Hideki & Zeena Parkins Fri 02 Feb, 2024, 8pm @Brooklyn Music School

Hiromichi Sakamoto solo / Kato Hideki & Zeena Parkins
Fri 02 Feb, 2024, 8pm
Brooklyn Music School


Friday, February 2nd at 8pm, AvanTokyo and Issue Project Room are pleased to present the solo US debut of Japanese cellist Hiromichi Sakamoto. The evening will also feature a duo presentation from musicians Kato Hideki & Zeena Parkins.
Hiromichi Sakamoto is a force to contend with. Aside from his mastery of “traditional” cello techniques, Sakamoto is likely, at a moment’s notice, to turn his instrument upside down, sideways, and any way you could imagine (as well as some you couldn’t). He might scrape it with an electric grinder to produce an explosion of sparks, lay it on the floor and drop pencils on it, slap it, and generally do just about anything physically short of setting it on fire.
Drawing audiences into a similar musical terrain, Kato Hideki & Zeena Parkins will premiere their new composition Into the Periphery, where they expose displacement and the blurred lines between what we hear and what we think we hear. Using a wide range of sounds–foley, mundane objects, synthesis and string instruments–they create an interplay between materials and awareness as they toggle between the touch/sound of objects and the manipulation of sounds mediated through microphones and electronic processes.